Mastercard Geolocation Case Study

Mastercard Geolocation Case Study


We embarked on a transformative journey by teaming up with MasterCard for a groundbreaking geolocation campaign. The collaboration aimed to leverage the power of Location-Based Advertising (LBA) to elevate the brand's engagement with the target audience. Recognizing the potential to resonate with individuals in the moments that matter, the campaign was set to redefine how advertising could be both personalized and location-sensitive.


Our innovative strategy for the campaign hinged on crafting Location-Based Advertising (LBA) and ad creatives tailored for specific venues – supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and clothing stores. These carefully curated ads were designed to align with the interests and habits of the target audience, typically adults aged 25+ years, with an affinity for dining, shopping, and entertainment. By utilizing geolocation data, We ensured that these ads were delivered at the right time and place to capture consumers' attention when they were most receptive.


The tailored LBA ad creatives delivered outstanding outcomes, resonating deeply with the identified target audience. An increase in the usage of the MasterCard cards soared to 20%, with an acquisition rate of 10%. This revealed that the campaign's engagement translated into actual transactions and interactions, showcasing the effectiveness of our precise targeting approach. The campaign's success lay in its ability to tap into the intersection of consumer behavior, interests, and location. By reaching consumers when they were near supermarkets, malls, restaurants, and clothing stores, MasterCard's offerings were seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. The campaign’s success highlighted the power of data-driven personalization, enhancing the brand's connection with consumers and setting a new standard for location-based advertising in the industry.

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