Access point to quality inventory and data supply partners

Discover premium traffic and data partners you need to achieve the desired results. A market place of over 100+ partners.

Inventory Partners

Know where your target audience is

Engage your target audience across all channels through premium inventory from notable, publishers, and supply-side platforms.

Mass Reach

Utilize our platform to directly get inventory from top premium publishers in the most transparent way.

Connected TV

Set up campaigns on essential ad-supported platforms and networks, from auction deals to direct deals.

Omnichannel platform

Access high-quality inventory across Connected TV, audio, mobile, display, native, digital out of home, audio, and more.

Data Partners

Strengthen your approach to data

Reach users to precision across all industry verticals.

High Quality Data

Use relevant third-party data from credible cross-channel suppliers.

Holistic view of audiences

Collect and aggregate data from your website, ecommerce store, offline visits, digital ads, and other customer touchpoints to create a 360-degree view of your customers.

Brand Safety & Viewability

Direct the ad budget towards high-value inventory to ensure brand integrity and campaign effectiveness.


Evaluate your campaigns

With our third-party measurement partners, you can validate the effectiveness of ads across all channels.


Measure campaign effectiveness through our partners and optimize on the go.

Retail Data

Reduce the gap between online marketing and in-store purchases.


Discover how foot traffic and in-store sales metrics correlate with your online ads at every phase of the campaign.

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