Maximize the use of your priceless data

Use data to streamline your marketing objectives and maximise on ad spend, resulting in highly engaged audiences delivering performance.

Data powered advertising

The advertising landscape is rapidly transforming, with data serving as the driving force behind this revolution. By harnessing the power of data, businesses can create highly targeted and effective advertising campaigns.

Relevant advertising begins with pertinent data

It has never been easier for businesses to collect and analyze data, we make it simple to locate, build, and reach relevant audiences by tracking consumer behaviour, identifying trends, and targeting ads to specific demographics to help you achieve your business outcomes.

Activate your data through our robust data marketplace

MediaPal data platform manages, activates, analyzes and collects data from various online channels to achieve a more efficient way of digital marketing. We simplify data collection and analysis for businesses, enabling tracking of consumer behaviour, trend identification, and targeted ad placement.

Reach your customers with precision and scale

Reaching audiences accurately at scale requires a mix of art and science. The science comes from understanding consumer data and using it to create targeted messages. The art comes from crafting those messages in a way that is compelling and emotive.

MediaPal Audiences

We have tailored our audiences to allow targeting to precision. We are able to reach all demographics with accuracy and scale.

Curated Audiences

This is the quickest approach to run high-performing campaigns. We leverage historical data to create a bespoke audience marketplace for your brand to deliver outstanding results. We've also established the most effective supply inventory making it easier than ever to set up successful campaigns.

1st Party Audiences

Integrate your first-party data securely on MediaPal platform. It is incredibly valuable and powerful as it gives advertisers direct insight into the behaviour of their customers. You can use this data to create targeted campaigns that are more likely to resonate with your audience or creating look alike audiences driving advertising success.

MediaPal Contextual

Contextually targeted ads allows you to get your display ads on web pages using keywords or topics you’ve chosen, match your ads to relevant sites, reach your target audiences in suitable spaces.

Take control with contextual targeting to meet your unique brand goals before a bid is even placed. Determine the true context, sentiment, and semantics of a given webpage at scale. We give you unprecedented precision for targeting content that is contextually relevant for a given brand or campaign to maximise recognition, engagement, and favourability.

Derive a 360 degree view of your customer

Collect, Unify, Enrich & Activate all your customers

We aggregate data sources from across your business and activate them across all marketing and advertising channels.

We collect and consolidate data across your website, ecommerce store, offline visits, digital ads, and other customer touchpoints. Use your data to generate a 360-degree perspective of your customers and give personalized experiences backed by real-time insights which will excite your audience.

Be customer first with intelligent personalization with MediaPal. Process millions of data points and employ cutting-edge predictive analytics and profiling in real-time every time users interact with your brands.

Positioning for a cookieless world

The end of cookies does not mean the end of advertising, but rather the start of a new age.

We gave privacy first priority when creating cookie-free solutions that give you long-term customizability options.

The majority of your targeting requirements can already be met successfully and without the use of cookies.

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