FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022

The countdown to a global showpiece in Qatar has begun, with 32 nations preparing to compete for the grand prize in international football!

This year’s World Cup search interest has already surpassed last season by 80% and as we all know, interest sparks more engagements. Recent research states that the 2022 event could ultimately increase watchtime by more than 30%, reaching approximately 300 million people globally.

In comparison, the 2018 FIFA World Cup internet offering far outperformed its offline counterpart. While three million people attended the matches in person, there were over three billion Google searches and five billion World Cup-related YouTube views.

If these statistics are any indication, the WorldCup is an event that brands cannot afford to overlook. This event can be leveraged by marketers to promote brand awareness and overall advertising strategy by attracting new customers, increasing product sales, and nurturing existing customer loyalty.

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